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Below you will find some good advice for new teams. You can always discuss whether this is advice you should follow but the advice here is regarded as sound in the forum.


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Decide what you want to train!

Training is the most important aspect of Hattrick since it is the way to earn money. Buy players, train them, sell them.

There is no simple answer to what kind of training you should choose. It depends on what kind of manager you are. Most people choose to train playmaking in the beginning but you can easily choose something different.

Here is a small guide to the most common training types:
  • Goalkeeping
    Advantages: Easy to start with since you only need 2 talents and it gives you the freedom to play with any formation you would like.
    Disadvantages: You will not have many players gaining levels which can become boring in the long run and you will earn a little less than from other types of training.

  • Defending
    Advantages: It is possible to train several players which will be profitable.
    Disadvantages: In order to train as many players as possible you will be "forced" to have a starting formation with 5 defenders which will make it difficult to win matches.

  • Winger (crossing)
    Advantages: A fast type of training. It gives you the possibility to train different multi skilled players and to a certain extent freedom to choose your formation.
    Disadvantages: Hard to get going since you have to take into account the many relevant side skills wingers can have.

  • Playmaking
    Advantages: It is possible to train several players and in the long run it will strengthen your midfield which is very important.
    Disadvantages: In the beginning your midfield will most likely be inferior to other teams since you will have to use young players with a low main skill level.

  • Scoring
    Advantages: High attack rating.
    Disadvantages: You will have to play with 3 attackers.

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